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Healthy Communities

Health Equity and Community Design Technical Assistance (TA) Pilot

The Vermont Department of Health (VDH) has partnered with the Vermont Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) to implement a Health Equity and Community Design Technical Assistance (TA) Pilot. The TA Pilot provided extra capacity and resources to communities to develop healthy community design and placemaking plans, ideas, and projects that center on equity. The TA was available to all eligible communities to help advance healthy community design and health equity projects. The TA also helped prepare communities that are interested in, but not yet ready to apply for, DHCDs Better Places placemaking grants.

Technical Assistance

Communities can access design professionals, community engagement specialists, artists, outreach & marketing specialists, disability consultants, translators, and public health equity experts to develop community-driven ideas, designs, and project plans. 

Health Equity Ambassadors

We are sought the help of Health Equity Ambassadors who supported each of the local communities. Ambassadors are similar to Community Health Workers but have specialized interest and expertise in the work of this Pilot.

Small Towns, Healthy Places

The Small Towns, Healthy Places podcast explores the intersection between health equity and community design in the State of Vermont. Hear interviews with state partners, local leaders, and community members about creating vibrant places that support health and wellness.