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Health Equity Ambassadors

To make these projects successful and sustainable, we are seeking the help of Health Equity Ambassadors (Ambassadors) who will support each of the local TA-served communities. With a goal of recruiting up to 35 communities, one Ambassador will be identified to work with them. Ambassadors are similar to Community Health Workers (CHWs) but will have specialized interest and expertise in the work of this Pilot. Some of the duties HEAs might do includes: helping manage local processes, navigating community issues and opportunities, facilitating community and stakeholder engagement, and working with state and local agencies and TA Pilot consultants on developing local ideas, plans, and actions. Up to $1500 will be allotted to support ambassadors at a rate of $25/hour (60 hours).

What makes a good Health Equity Ambassador:

  • Be trusted leaders from identified special populations*
  • Have a close understanding of the tribal group/community being served
  • Use a person-centered approach to build trusting relationships among the community’s special populations and other community members and leaders
  • Have interest or expertise in health, wellness, community design, and placemaking
  • Be invited to lead, co-lead or participate in all community meetings and conversations
  • Conduct outreach, review projects, plans, language and visuals used in plans, signs, guidebooks, trainings, collateral materials, etc.

What Health Equity Ambassadors receive:

  • Compensation for their time and contributions in support of local communities
  • Training from national experts on topics related to health equity, community design, and the built environment
  • Invitation to participate in the CHW Network and other workforce development opportunities
  • Support and access to resources and tools to support their efforts in engaging with local communities

Expectations of Health Equity Ambassadors include the following:

  • Participation in on-boarding/level-setting training (~1 hour)
  • Participation in monthly calls led by our CHW subject-matter expert (~12 hours)
  • Conduct community needs assessment surveys (may vary based on community need and project)
  • Assist with community engagement support as needed related to TA provision for healthy places and built environments and Better Places program readiness (may vary based on community need and project)
  • Provide monthly invoices with hours worked and supporting tracking document outlining activities

Interested in becoming an ambassador?